Team's team brings together people from different cursi, with different competences and different wishes for the project.

If you have an idea, think you can help and want to be part of a technically and scientifically challenging project, shoot a mail at :

meow [at] sample [dot] cat

Current team


Ahmet Aker

Ahmet is a research fellow in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) group at The University of Sheffield, UK. He has expertise in diverse topics such as NLP, Information Extraction, Machine Translation, Text Clustering and Classification and would love to merge them under

Baekkwan Park

Baekkwan is a post-doc researcher at Michigan State University, interested in a little bit of everything, but not deep (get bored easily). His research concerns political science, data analysis, and NLP.


Benjamin Michalski

Passionate problem solver and tenacious knowledge seeker, Benjamin is a software engineer currently working on web-based projects. He participates in the project by helping with data retrieval, manipulation and analysis.


Fred Blain

Open-source partisan and grumpy cat fed with knowledge meatballs, Fred is a research scientist in Machine Translation at The University of Sheffield, UK. Co-initiator of, he brings his expertise in Natural Language Processing to the project.


Mathieu Gaborit

Data-greedy hacker, tinkerer, open-source advocate, Mathieu is a padawan in physics interested by the sociological aspects of the project. He is one of the initiators of and is involved in most of the decisions taken.

Mathieu wants to showcase the use of computer assisted analysis in the scope of social science. He also wants to check different hypothesis on how a population behaves after a sentimentaly shocking event.